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As a conscientious consumer looking to protect yourself from future expensive vehicle repair bills you need to be totally comfortable that you and your vehicles will be properly covered & serviced for years and years to come. At NVSC we understand the importance of having your Vehicle Service Contract (a.k.a. Extended Auto Warranty) fully backed by the most reputable insurer’s in the industry. Our partnerships with the Administrators and Insurers that we represent allows us to select the Best Coverages for your vehicle. You can be rest assured that the product you purchase is a financially sound investment!


*a.k.a. Extended Auto Warranty

National Vehicle Service Contract

Experience the Healthy Benefits of Drinking Ionized, Oxygenated, Alkaline (Higher pH) Water!


Product Comparison:  Blood Analysis:

The Solution: Tyent Water®


Tyent Water® is the TRUE choice for hydration & your health. The Tyent Water Ionized Filter Machine produces delicious alkaline drinking water. The superior filtration process molecularly restructures the Hydrogen molecules and removes any contaminants and chemicals that may be present. The result is ionized and properly pH balanced water that is filled with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Everyone wants to live a happy and healthy life. Since over 70% of the body is comprised of water, doesn't it make sense that drinking healthy water is the most basic choice for your wellness and longevity? Your investment in an Alkaline Ionized Tyent® Water System is an investment in your future health & Well Being!


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Tyent Water




Why Skytec?

Upgrade your current outdated alarm system with top-of-the-line equipment and the finest in hi-tech security and surveillance. Professional Installation Included

Don't have a system? Get one today with the same FREE* offer!

We have three specialty packages:


Advanced Technology

Touch Screen Control Panel. Direct Voice Communications w/ the Monitoring Company.


Built in Cellular Technology w/ Wireless GSM signal - No Phone Line Required.


24/7 Smart Phone Access to your system. Remote Computer Access. Text Message Alerts and much, much more.

Homeowner Installation Request

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Home Automation

Lock & Unlock your front door remotely, from anywhere in the world securely.


Control and adjust your new Digital thermostat(s) and Lighting from your Computer or Smart phone.


Start saving more on your utility bills each month by automating and having a firmer control on your electric usage.

Video Cameras

See what's going on at your home or business at anytime, even when you're not there.


Know who's at the front door, pulling in the driveway, or just check in to see what your favorite pet is up to!


Our Video Equipment & Surveillance is available at wholesale pricing and very affordable!

Approved Vendor


* To qualify for the FREE Core Alarm Home Equipment Package including Professional Installation, you must be a homeowner, have a minimum “C” (600+) credit score and switch your monitoring service to our award winning central station for a minimum 36 month term @ $49.99 per month ($54.99 w/ a front door camera). Businesses only have to fill out a Commercial Application w/ guaranteed approval. There are absolutely NO Hidden Fees, NO Equipment Deposits and NO Lease Requirements!

Skytec Security


To find out more about how Skytec Security & Automation truly addresses the needs of Home & Business Security,

Contact Gary @ (602) 621-2146 for complete details or to "Secure" a Personal Appointment!


Precision Payment Services




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  • $8 a Month Accounting Fee and a 7 1/2% Transaction Fee

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The Word of Mouth Incentivized Mobile App Sharing Company

Paid 2 Save is a FREE mobile app that you download on your smart phone
that offers you savings, discounts and coupons from national big box stores,
awesome local businesses and restaurants.


Share the Paid 2 Save app with everyone you know and earn a commission from the
discounted savings they recieve. In other words, you get paid to do word-of-mouth advertising!
How cool is that?

Experience Incentivized Sharing
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